Management Services

Aggieland Houses is a dedicated management service specializing in property management & leasing.  Our Property Managers are licensed real estate professionals, we work with some of the best agents from comapnies like, experienced and dedicated to the field of residential, commercial and community association property management (get more info here). If you’ve been looking to find the best family homes for sale, I suggest to give us a call.

Residential & Commercial Property Management

We care about your investment; here at Aggieland Houses, our main goal is keeping our rental properties occupied with qualified tenants while using our experienced team of local service providers to maintain your property at our preferred customer pricing, thus keeping more money in your pocket, so if you’re interested in getting a home, you can also learn about the Kitchen Deep Cleaning so you make sure everything is perfect in the kitchen area.

By using the most efficient technology, our computer software allows us to provide our owners with timely monthly financials & up to date information. We have the best financing options available for you, go now to this website to get all the details!

Our residential and commercial management services include:

  • Showing available properties & providing prospects with information about the area.
  • Obtaining residents through advertisement, referrals, signage, and internet sites.
  • Screening prospective residents through credit checks and criminal background histories.
  • Completion of all rental agreements and other related leasing paperwork.
  • Negotiating renewal leases, and handling all notices and correspondence with the residents.
  • Supervising enforcement of all rental contract provisions.
  • Handling requests for maintenance and repairs.

HOA Management

Aggieland Houses is here to  to effectively carry out the management of your community. We’re here to:

  • Guide/Consult with Board of Directors to fulfill their duties
  • Execute the decisions, directives, and policies approved by the Board of Directors
  • Document transactions (accounting and otherwise), activities, and records of the Association

The Board is in charge of decision making and the HOA managers fulfill the actual dues collection, maintenance, vendor payment, and serve as the primary homeowner point of contact. The specific responsibilities of an HOA management company can be broken down into four sections:

  1. Administrative Services
  2. Accounts Receivable Management
  3. Site Management
  4. Accounting Services

Administrative Services

  • Schedule/Attend board meetings
  • Provide monthly management reports
  • Uniformly enforce the rules and regulations of the community
  • Guide the board through preparing an annual budget
  • Respond to homeowner inquiries in a timely manner

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Billing
  • Reporting delinquent accounts and updates to the board
  • Sending Delinquent notices at the Board’s direction
  • Initiating legal action for collection of funds according the Board’s directives/policies
  • Working with the association’s Attorney when coordinating legal action

Site Management

  • Check on maintenance issues
  • Inspect for rule violations
  • Coordination of various Board-approved actions
  • Ensure that lawn care, pool cleaning, and other vendor tasks are completed based on the contracted specifications.

Accounting Services

  • Manage bank accounts for the community
  • Accurately Estimate Maintenance Costs
  • Review monthly billing for community dues and assessments
  • Provide detailed record keeping on all accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Create monthly financial statements in a timely manner
  • Provide guidance for long-term funding for the community and board

For further information, please be sure to visit the Reali website. 


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