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We are delighted you are interested in leasing a property with Aggieland Houses. To help you decide, we have listed below the criteria for qualifying as a resident with us.


  1. A separate rental application must be fully completed by each applicant and all co-applicants. All individuals aged 18 and over are considered adult applicants.
  2. A Non-Refundable “application fee” per applicant is required. The Application Feeis $65.00 per applicant.
  3. Each applicant must provide an individual active email address. Credit check requires an email address and requires your online permission. You will be contacted via email and must answer questions during the process.
  4. The rental application will be reviewed at the time of submission to ensure information needed is received to determine your eligibility.
  5. Each application must provide government photo identification and a copy of the most current paycheck stub.
  6. Employment and monthly income must be verifiable. The total monthly income of all applicants must be 3 times the monthly rent (i.e. monthly rent of $1500 X 3 = $4,500 per month or $54,000 annual salary.
  7. Credit score of 600 or greater.
  8. If the applicant’s family occupies the dwelling, the family size must be appropriate for the available dwelling, i.e., no more than two persons per bedroom. Children younger than 6 months are not considered dwelling occupants at lease signing. When they reach six months of age, they are considered occupants and would need to be added to the lease as an occupant. A dwelling that has two bedrooms will accommodate up to four occupants maximum.
  9. Pursuant to Property Code Section 92.3515, these Tenant Selection Criteria are being provided to you. The following constitute grounds upon which Landlord will be basing the decision to lease the Property to you.  Based on the information you provide, Landlord may deny your application or may take other adverse actions against you (including, but not limited to, requiring a co-signer on the lease, requiring an additional deposit, or raising rent to a higher amount than for another applicant). If your application is denied or another adverse action is taken based upon information obtained from your credit report or credit score, you will be notified:
    • Falsification of application by any applicant
    • Incomplete application by any applicant
    • Insufficient income (total of all applicants, item 6)
    • Criminal conviction history of violent or sexual crime committed by any applicant or by other occupants (including children) who plan to live in the unit.
    • Poor credit history of any applicant (credit reports are obtained; previous bankruptcy requires an additional security deposit equal to one month’s rent)
    • Poor rental profile of any applicant rental history reports or obtained. Rental history of:
      • Non-payment or frequent late payment of rent
      • Eviction
      • Drug use
      • Poor housekeeping
      • Poor supervision of applicant’s children
      • Unruly or destructive behavior by applicant, applicant’s children, or applicant’s guests
      • Violence to persons or property by applicant, applicant’s children, or applicant’s guests
  1. At the time of move-in, payment in the amount of any remaining balance for the “Security Deposit” plus “Pet Deposit” (if applicable) and a FULL month’s rent is required. Prorated days will be debited to the 2nd month’s rent.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or familial status.

What If?

  • What if we have a fire?
    • 1st call 911
    • Then, call Aggieland Houses Emergency Line
  • What if we have a water leak?
    • 1st turn the water off at the main cut-off valve
    • Then, call Aggieland Houses Emergency Line
  • What if we have a break in or theft?
    • 1st call the police to make a report
    • Contact Aggieland Houses if there is property damage
  • What if we lose our property key?
    • During business hours (Mon. – Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), contact Aggieland Houses Maintenance Line. You may visit the office to borrow a key. The key is expected to be returned; any key not returned will result in a charge of $10.
    • After business hours and on weekends, contact a locksmith; the expense is out of pocket. If locks are changed, you are required to provide Aggieland Houses with a copy of the new key.
  • What if our AC/Heater stops working?
    • Submit a service issue through your tenant web portal
      • Extreme temperatures such as over 90 degrees or under 30 degrees, contact the maintenance emergency line after creating your service ticket. Management will do everything possible to get a vendor out ASAP.
    • What if our power goes out due to a tripped breaker?
      • Tenants are responsible for knowing how to switch breakers on.
        • Tenants may submit a service ticket, but if the issue is a simple breaker flip, the tenant will be billed.

If anyone is in danger or in a dire situation, always call 911 immediately to dispatch emergency services. 

Rental Payments

Pay Now

  • All rent is due on the 1st of the month & late on the 4th. If the full rent is not is not paid by 12:00 a.m. on the 4th, a $35.00 late fee will apply, plus $10.00 every day after the 4th.**
  • In the event that any payment by tenant is returned for insufficient funds (NSF) or if Tenant stops payment, there will be a $35.00 penalty.**

**Subject to the terms of your lease agreement.

Leaving Before Your Lease Is Up

  • Moving out before your lease expires is a breach of contract.
  • According to the terms of a lease, you are liable for the rent you owe for the remainder of the months on the lease and others fees may apply as well.
  • Failing to pay your rent will result in legal actions. If you are unable to pay your debt, a judgment may be filed against you, which can last 7-10 years and can be renewed for an extended period of time. A judgment on your record can ruin your credit and prevent you from obtaining loans & other credit.

Pets and Service Animals

  • Pets will only be allowed if specified in the lease by a pet addendum or if the tenant obtains written permission from Landlord.
  • All pets and service animals must be registered with

Safety & Liability

  • Please keep all doors and windows locked when you are not at home. As the tenant, you are responsible for insuring your personal belongings and contents against fire, theft, water damage, and other casualties. Aggieland Houses assumes no liability or obligation for tenants’ personal belongings and contents. Renters insurance is inexpensive and is available through most insurance agencies.






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