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March 24, 2022

2022 Annual Meeting Notification

The Annual Meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Wellborn Community Center, located at 4119 Greens Prairie Rd, College Station.

If you have a Topic to Discuss, click and complete the TOPIC TO DISCUSS form link. Submit via email to Alternatively, you can mail or drop off at Aggieland Houses (located on the 2nd floor of The Real Estate Gallery – 4121 SH 6 South, College Station; there is a drop box located at the Southeast corner of the building).

Your attendance is required for your submission to be included on the agenda. This form must be returned by 5:00 pm on April 8, 2022, to be included on the meeting agenda. In an effort to have an orderly meeting and be respectful of attendees’ time, there will not be discussion taken from the floor. We will send you a confirmation email that your form was received.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee or volunteer for the neighborhood, we encourage your attendance. We look forward to getting to know all residents of Southern Pointe!

December 2, 2021

Click HERE for January 11, 2022 Developer Update

December 2, 2021

Trash Can Screening Requirements

Trash Can Screens: Per the CCR’s the homeowners must keep their trash can screened from view. If the homeowner does not want to keep their trash can in the garage, you will need to construct a screen which compliments the fencing. Below are guidelines:

1. Height 4 – 4.5’, Length recommend 3’ but no longer than 4’ (do not build to the property line).

2. Building material should match/compliment your fencing material

3. Do not install screening in line with the front of the home, set it back a minimum of 2’.

4. Stagger screens when two homes have screening in between them – Stagger so there is plenty of room to move trash cans in and out.

5. When possible, don’t have two homes with screening in between them.

6. Please coordinate communicate with each other on this situation.

November 4, 2021

Brazos Valley Recycling is now offering recycling as a service in the community. If you are interested in getting more details on this service, contact BVR directly.

October 1, 2021

Developer Update 10/01/2021

August 31, 2021

The developer apologizes for the recent fiber outages and understands the importance of the fiber service.

In the last 90 days, the Southern Pointe Community has experienced 6 fiber related outages for a total of ~16.5 hours due to construction activities. While that is a 99.2 percentage of uptime, such interruptions are not what is desired for the community.

The developer was made aware that the temporary fiber trunk line recently and should have been notified earlier but was not because of a communication error, which is now remedied. After being made aware, the fiber truck line was marked and unfortunately, this weekend a lone construction crew cut the fiber line in the market area. CEO, each time, has taken the initiative to act promptly to repair. This was not a CEO issue but a construction issue. The general contractor has been notified. As each phase gets complete in the neighborhood, more resiliency will be achieved in the fiber network. In the meantime, we are quickly working to implement several processes and taken steps to minimize construction issues now.

Once again, our sincere apologies.

August 28, 2021

We have received many of your emails regarding the main entrance to the community and we have forwarded those to the developer.  Below is an update from the developer.

We completely understand that everyone is anxious to use the entrance and the new road to the community. We are aware that there are others using the road other than just the residents. We have contractors that must use the road to complete the entrance project as well as we have contractors that are working on the new home sections in the community. We have contacted our builders and requested that all contractors that are working in the Section 100 phase do not use the main entrance for access. We have also requested that for those that the main entrance is their only avenue for access to where they are working, reduce their speeds for the safety of the workers. We cannot completely barricade the road off as it must be used in some instances. We are requesting that if you see streets that have barricades or partial barricades that you do not use those roads for the time being. The development team will also look into alternate ways to help alleviate the situation but as you all know, there is no way to keep people 100% from using the road. With that being said, we will deal with the situation as best as we can. As many of you pointed out, we gave a tentative date of opening within three weeks after our last update. There were some unforeseen delays with the city and our contractor but we are optimistic to have the road officially opened by the end of September should we not encounter further delays.

Regarding the section 100 park, the sidewalks are complete and we are waiting for delivery of the park benches. Order confirmation for the playground equipment is pending as manufacturers are experiencing delays in production from labor shortages due to Covid. As mentioned previously, we will send an update on the equipment once we have a confirmation from the manufacturer and shipping timelines. Please know all updates and dates we give you are tentative. We do work hard to meet those dates. We certainly believe the completion dates are attainable when we give them to you, however there are many moving pieces and many new challenges within construction that can cause delays like we have encountered.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work through this transition period

– Southern Pointe Development Team

August 27, 2021

The main entrance off Highway 6 is not open for use. For the safety of the workers in the area and those attempting to travel on the unfinished road, it should not be used until it is officially opened.  We will notify the community when the road is open for use.  Thank you for respecting this request.

July 28, 2021

Southern Pointe Community;

We have received the following update from the Southern Pointe development team. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to us and we will get back with you.


We are thrilled with how the Community Entrance on highway 6 is coming together. We expect it to be completed in the next six weeks and the road open within the next three weeks.

Concrete Trail System

The new concrete trail system around the big detention pond in Section 100 is in and this area is being mowed and maintained. The irrigation contract has been awarded and we are waiting on the irrigator to give us a schedule for installation. Once irrigation is in, we will move forward with planting trees and bushes.


Park equipment and the design of the park is in progress and when we have the park equipment finalized, we will post pictures on hoa website so residents will have an idea of what is planned. We hope to have the park equipment in by mid-November but this is very tentative date.  The last two parks we put in for other communities had over four-month delays on equipment and installation due to a backlog in production and from Covid related material and labor shortages. We will do our very best to get these installed in a timely manner, but delays have become very common in the construction industry.

New Sections Opening

Section 200 was just completed, and the lots are all currently under contract. Builders have already begun to close these lots and houses will be started soon which is why a Japanese Knotweed Company is cleaning the area.  Section 200 will also be the new home to “Model Home Row”. Builders will construct their new model homes and when those are complete, the existing model homes on Eldora will be closed and sold to homeowners.

Section 101 in nearing completion and provided we do not have extensive rain, these lots should be complete in three weeks.  All section 101 lots are also under contract so builders will start homes as soon as the development is complete.

Please keep in mind that there have been many delays due to the extensive amount of rain that we received for nearly two months. We are hopeful that with some dry weather, progress will speed up and timelines will be met. Our contractors are very behind due to the rain as well as labor shortages that are very common right now in many industries. We appreciate your patience and are grateful that you have chosen Southern Pointe as your home.


Beginning around 8:45 pm, Sunday, July 4th, a fireworks show is scheduled and the residents of Southern Pointe will have a great view to spectate. The fireworks will be managed on top of the old grandstand hill (a non-public area and a distance from homes) and you are welcome to watch from your home, front yards or common areas in Section 100.


A reminder, the Annual Meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in The Real Estate Gallery located at 4121 SH 6 South, College Station, Texas.

A copy of the agenda is now available: AGENDA

If you have a Topic to Discuss, follow this link: TOPIC TO DISCUSS, to complete the form and submit via email to Alternatively, you can mail or drop off at Aggieland Houses (located on the 2nd floor of The Real Estate Gallery – 4121 SH 6 South, College Station; there is a drop box located at the Southeast corner of the building).

Your attendance is required for your submission to be included on the agenda. This form must be returned by 3:00 p.m. April 9, 2021 to ensure that we plan for an orderly meeting in a reasonable amount of time; no other discussion will be taken from the floor the night of the meeting.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee or volunteer for the neighborhood, we encourage your attendance. We look forward to getting to know all residents of Southern Pointe!

Southern Pointe HOA Dues

Residents can conveniently pay HOA Dues online through their Homeowner Web Access Portal here: Southern Pointe Community Web Portal

HOA Dues are $500 per year as set forth by the board of directors.

Per your Association’s governing documents, the yearly assessment is due in FULL on or before January 31st.

Or Payment Option: Pay $250 on or before January 31, and then pay balance of $250 on or before March 31.

Unpaid balances over $250 after January 31st, will be charged late fees of 1.5% each month balance is not paid. Collection proceedings will begin on April 1st – unpaid balances will be accessed a $25 Cost of Collection Fee in addition to the late charges accessed monthly.

Per By Laws Article 2 Section 2.1 MEMBERSHIP. Every person or entity is a record Owner of any Lot which is subject to assessments in the Declaration shall be a Member of the Association.

Per By Laws Article 2 Section 3.22 DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS. The board may establish, levy, and collect reasonable late charges for Members’ delinquent accounts. The Board may also establish a rate of interest to be charged on Members’ delinquent accounts, provided the rate of interest does not exceed eighteen percent (18%) or the maximum rate permitted by state law, whichever is the lesser.

Per CCRs 7.03 Regular Annual Assessments. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the Board shall estimate the expenses to be incurred by the Association during such year in performing its functions under the SOUTHERN POINTE Declaration, including but not limited to the cost of maintenance and improvement of all entry ways, landscaping, greenbelts, common areas, median strip, and right-of-way maintenance, the cost of enforcing the SOUTHERN POINTE Declaration, the cost of trash collection and a reasonable provision for contingencies and appropriate replacement reserves, less any expected income and any surplus from the prior year’s funds. Assessments sufficient to pay such estimated note expenses shall then be levied as herein provided, and the level of Assessments set by the Board shall be final and binding so long as it is made in good faith. If the sums collected prove inadequate for any reason, including nonpayment of any individual Assessment, the Association may at any time, and from time to time levy further Assessments in the same manner as aforesaid. All such regular Assessments shall be due and payable to the Association at the beginning of the fiscal year or during the fiscal year in equal monthly installments on or before the first day of each month, or in such other manner as the Board may designate in its sole and absolute discretion.

Southern Pointe Utility Data

Texas Commercial Waste – Trash Service

*Trash will be billed monthly by the HOA($25), customer must call to set up delivery of trash can

Email: or Phone: (800) 299-7171


Texas Commercial Waste will provide you with one 96 gallon roll out container

Trash will be picked up weekly on Wednesdays. Please be sure to remove your trash receptacle from the curb on the evening of pickup. Also, please do not place your trash can at the curb any earlier than the evening before the day of trash pickup.

Entergy – Electric

Phone: 1-800-368-3749


ATMOS Energy – Gas

Phone: (888)286-6700


College Station Utilities – Water and Sewer

310 Krenek Tap Road PO Box 10230 College Station, TX 77840

Phone: 979-764-3535


College Station Post Office – Mail Service

2130 Harvey Mitchell Parkway S. College Station, TX 77845 Phone: (979) 693-4152

**Tenant or owner needs to bring copy of the lease agreement or sales contract with a photo ID to College Station Post Office to obtain a mailbox key.**

Cluster mailboxes will be placed throughout the community. Residents will need to pick up keys from the Post Office.

CEO Technologies – Fiber

Fiber Connection which can be used for TV, Internet, Phone

**Fiber will be billed monthly by HOA, $30 per month for basic service.

Please contact CEO to start your basic service. Additional services can be added on through CEO and will be direct billed to homeowner.

3001 Earl Rudder Freeway South College Station, Texas 77845

Phone: 979-446-0054


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